The Acclr8r


is a suite of next generation tools from Think8 Systems and Scientific Intelligence to take small and medium-sized enterprises to the next level...  



the ACCLR8R program


The Acclr8r builds a model for your success in a 3-Stage Process that provides vital insights about your clients and consumers, uncovers a wealth of hidden opportunities, and formulates strategic building blocks for accelerated growth.


Clients include

Crazy Speakers

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Award Winning

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Wicked Balance

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Mental Collection

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Powerful Volume

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An assessment of your company’s well-being; its level of personal motivation; its commitment to innovation; and the degree of alignment of all its moving parts.



A precise “mapping” of your future market opportunities by identifying the permission space for your brand and your products.



The integration and alignment of all personnel and resources to ignite passion, purpose and performance for your company's accelerated growth.

The world's fastest SME Accelerator


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